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Johnny Kelly from Type O Negative at Vampirus Brasil site

It's a an amazing pleasure to interview Johnny Kelly to the Vampirus Brasil, particularly to me who love the band at about 10 years. The contact to Johnny has been really flattering and he always be carefully kind in answering all the questions that I've sent to him. I hope that you, our reader and fan of Type O Negative enjoy the interview which I had been in a personal as well as in a professional directions.


Vampirus Brasil - How long have you been playing in Type O Negative so far?
Johnny Kelly - I've been in the band for 9years now.

VB - As we already know... You used to write the tour´s dairy of Type O
Negative... How long have you doing that? Do you have some ideas for
lyrics too?

JK - I've been doing it since the went up. I still do them but we had much
to write about since we haven't toured in a while. I've never been
much of a lyricist. I don't think that I have ever written a lyric.
I'm too afraid of being ridiculed.

VB - Are you in touch to the fans around the world? Tell us something about

JK - I have received e-mail from fans all over the world since the offical
site went up. I think that it's great that there are fans in those
places listening to our music.

VB - Do you have any brothers or sisters who play in rock bands? How long do
you live in Brooklin-NY? Where were your 1st experience playing in a band?

JK - I do have one brother but he doesn't play in a band. I am not really
from TN. I grew up in Brooklyn. The first show that I ever played was
in 1984 in Brooklyn, NY.

VB - In July, 1979 you´d saw your 1st concert at Madison Square Garden -
KISS. How could this concert, change your life?

JK - I was completely overwhelmed by that concert. It was nothing like I had
experienced up to that point. It was one of the things that made want
to play drums.

VB - What does Led Zeppelin represent to you, Johnny?
JK - They were the best band to ever walk the planet. There wasn't anything
musically that they weren't capable of. I am still amazed when I listen to their songs.
I still find new things that I never heard before.

VB - What´s your favorite song or cd from Type O Negative so far?
JK - I think that World Coming Down is my favorite. I always liked Pain from the
first cd also.

VB - Mostly of our readers just love Anne Rice´s books... Do you like this
kind of novels or movies? Vampires? Other creatures of the night?

JK - I haven't read any of her books. I saw Interview With A Vampire in the
movies. I enjoyed that. I enjoy old horror movies.

VB - Type O Negative got a part into some soundtracks... We were expecting
at least a TypeO´s song into the "Queen of the Damned´s soundtrack" too.
Well, How do you fell in this kind of participation?

JK - I really don't have a problem with it but it can lend to the band being
stereotyped and I wouldn't want that to happen to the band more than it
already has. It's always a plus when your music is a part of something
that is cool though.

VB - How about the movie " Nosferatu-the 1st vampire" in black&white within
all songs from Type O Negative? How did start this idea among you, Josh,
Peter and Kenny?

JK - We had nothing to do with that concept. That idea was from someone
else. The makers of the movie obtained the rights to the songs. We had
nothing to do with it. I don't even have a copy of that movie!

VB - What´s the name of the new cd that will be released in next March

JK - As far as I know, the new cd doesn't have a title yet but I have read a
couple of different titles so far.

VB - The aniversary of Sophia Paige Kelly, your daughter is january, 19th.
How do you fell as a father now? I suppose that it´s very hard for you
when you´re on tour far from her and your wife...

JK - I feel the most proud when I see my daughter and I am constantly
impressed watching her grow and develop her own personality and
identity. I can't believe that she is already going to turn two years
old this week. It is very tough on the both of us when I am away from

VB - Who is almost always into a good mood in the band? Who is the serious
guy? How about you?

JK - It's tough to find one of us that's always in a good mood. Either Kenny
or myself are usually in a better mood than Josh and Peter. I've
actually been feeling alright lately.

VB - We´ve got some words from you about the great tour with Glen Danzig
that you´ve finished in 2002 and we already showed them to our readers.
Do you wish to go on in other tours?

JK - Touring with Danzig was a blast. I had a lot of fun and I'm looking
forward to working with the band again soon.

VB - Many gothic raves, events, fashion shows are surrounded by Type O
Negative´s songs and there are the cover bands as well. What do you
think about this?

JK - I find it flattering of course.

VB - What´s your favorite season of the year? What´s your favorite place in
the world to be relaxed at all?
JK - Autumn is my favorite season. My favorite place to relax is in my house.

VB - Johnny, the hardest question for me is... Do you have the intention of
leaving Type O Negative?

JK - I don't have any intention of leaving Type O any time soon.

VB - Well, thank you so much for your words to us from Vampirus Brasil site,
your fans forever.
We wish you GOOD LUCK at all, Johnny!
Now, it´s a free space for you... Say everything you want... Enjoy
yourself, Johnny!

JK - Thanks for your time and thank you for helping support the band. I hope
that we get to visit your country very soon. Happy New Year too. Take


Interview made by DeniseMG

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